1. Are you tired of low water pressure? Would you like to improve shower pressure?
  2. Did you know you can potentially improve water pressure without the expense of converting to mains pressure?

First off we would need to identify whether the water pressure is normal for the system or whether there has been an obvious decline over time.  If you have noticed a decline in water pressure, it could be due to galvanised pipes corroding to the point that it restricts the flow of water, filters and strainers in taps needing to be cleaned or inlet valve failure to name a few.  All of which can be remedied.

However if you have a low water pressure hot water system in your house, and it’s just not performing to your liking, then in most cases increasing the water pressure can be achieved without necessarily going to the expense of a mains pressure conversion. A mains pressure conversion is where you replace your low pressure hot water cylinder with a mains pressure hot water cylinder.  Depending on what the issue is, solutions range from simply replacing your shower head to improve pressure in your shower, to installing a booster pump giving you increased pressure through the whole house. The best solution will vary from case to case depending on your current plumbing system.  

The first step would be to contact us to assess your needs and find the option that best works for you.


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