1. When was the last time you checked your Hot Water Cylinder cupboard for water leaks?
  2. Did you know that mains pressure cylinders should have the TPR relief valve manually operated every 6 months?
  3. Has your power bill suddenly gone up unexpectedly? A leaking hot water cylinder could be the cause.

Often the HWC is in a storage cupboard and as a result we often find blankets, sheets, sleeping bags and so on, stuffed in around the cylinder making it virtually impossible to see if there are any issues.  The problem is not noticed for a long time as the water is soaked up these items. Often it is actually the smell that people notice first, but by that point the damage to flooring, skirtings, door frames etc has already happened. Keep all items clear of the cylinder and check regularly for water leaks. House insurance will not cover gradual water damage so the sooner it is discovered the less it will cost you in the end.

Mains pressure cylinders have what is called a Temperature Pressure Relief (TPR) Valve.  This is a safety device to protect your cylinder from over-pressurising.  Manufacturers will require the relief valve to be manually operated every 6 months to remove lime deposits and confirm that it is not blocked.   Not doing so can invalidate the guarantee. Best to check your installation and warranty information and if you aren’t sure then just give us a call. 

As a general rule water heating accounts for around 30% of the average house-holds electricity costs.  So wasting hot water is not energy efficient and is a sure fire way to increase your power bill significantly.  Wastage can happen when there is an issue with the valves around the cylinder. Depending on your hot water system (whether you have a mains pressure or a low pressure cylinder), you will either have water constantly running from the overflow pipe onto the roof, or from the copper drain.

If you are concerned or think that you may have an issue we would be happy to have a quick chat to advise you on the best course of action.

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