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Meet Wim.  Wim Van Sande, is a certifying craftsman plumber.  After many years in the travel industry Wim needed to make a career change that took him out of the office and utilised his practical skills.  And so he embarked on his plumbing career.  His skill, enthusiasm, maturity and intelligence put him in good stead, winning him the Peter Diver Most Inspiring South Island Apprentice Award during his study.

Wim then hit the ground running, putting in the hard work and long hours, and passing his registration exam with flying colours.  After many years of on the job experience, Wim then sailed through his final exam to become a certifying craftsman plumber.

Wim is married with two young children who keep him on his toes.   He continues to enjoy the challenges that plumbing can bring and is dedicated to providing the best service and quality of work to Custom Plumbing Services customers.

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